Covers of the Week

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #5

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #5(Darwyn Cooke)

Cooke once again shows off his mastery over comic book art with this beautiful cover featuring the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter playing up to the cameras. I am a big fan of Cooke’s retro/kids-cartoon-like style (he really can give Bruce Timm a run for his money) and this cover just grabs your attention while summing up Sally’s character in one image. Minutemen is by far the best Before Watchmen book and the covers for the series have been stellar. So far this is my favourite but you never know, the next and last issue’s cover could just beat it.

Amazing Spider-Men #699

Amazing Spider-Man #699(Paolo Rivera)

Rivera actually goes un-credited for this beautiful cover in ASM #699 which I am hoping is a mistake rather than intentional oversight. Rivera has a way of drawing Spider-Man that just makes him look so cool! I think it may be down to the realistic proportions, his clean line and colour work. The cover as a whole sums up the current mind-swapping high-jinks that is one of the biggest talking points in comic books at the moment. The ominous Doc Ock brain enveloping Spider-Man gives a subtle hint at the contents of the story also the shattering of the 50 Years logo is a nice touch too as events race towards the sure to be gripping Amazing Spider-Man #700 ending 50 years of the series.


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