New Man of Steel poster and thoughts on the upcoming film

Man of Steel PosterA new poster for next year’s Man of Steel was unleashed upon the world yesterday because of some Facebook thing to do with the Dark Knight Rises coming out on Blu-Ray. It is a very unusual poster. Every past Superman movie has tended to focus of the heroic posing, flying and Superman generally be bright and colourful. This film however is meant to be taking a slightly darker tone, which is no bad thing as long as Superman is a beacon of light in an otherwise dark film.

The poster depicts Supes  in shackles being lead down a corridor by a squad of marines which can only mean one thing, we are going down the military not trusting him route. Something that has been done many times in the comics, particularly whenever General Lane rears his head. More recently it is a trope that played heavily into the first arc of Grant Morrison’s Action Comics to great success. Superman having a scrap with the military is a great way to showcase his powers verses the normal man early on in the film before moving on to General Zod and his army of Kryptonian prisoners.

I am excited for Man of Steel for many reasons but the main one is that is a Superman film that can finally deliver on the promise of showing how powerful Superman can be. Zack Snyder has both action and comic book movie directing chops and always treats the source material with respect while applying his own particular style to it in the process. I am expecting this new movie version of Superman to be let of the leash a bit and to really show how super he is. Batman may have all the gadgets and gizmos but there is nothing cooler than the thought of Superman doing something crazy like using a building as a weapon. The Christopher Reeve films while gems (particularly the first two!) where limited by the technology of the time. The Kryptonian fight in Superman II is the closest we have gotten to Superman being unleashed but that really has not aged well! As a result Reeve’s Superman often ends up taking the non-violent whenever possible playing into the good guy image of the character. This is an aspect that was carried over to the mixed bag that was Superman Returns. Plus in Returns Superman did not really have anything to fight.

The new film has Zod and that means a potential an army of angry Kryptonian’s could behind him. The potential for epic levels of action is there and I believe Snyder is the man to do it. Also recent rumours have it that Man of Steel will be the starting point for the new DC Cinematic Universe that will quickly build into a Justice League movie for 2015 that will be going up against Avengers 2 and Star Wars Episode VII! (2015 is going to be a good year!) The film is also meant to be taking a few bits and pieces from Superman: Birthright which has loads of brilliant Superman being unbelievably awesome moments!

Now there's a poster!

Also if the first trailer is anything to go by Snyder and Co. are treating Superman with respect and are taking a serious approach to the character rather than a bright and bubbly version. Which I think can work also it will help differentiate Man of Steel and the wider DC cinematic offering from the current crop of bright and cheerful Marvel movies. If they can take a more serious, almost adult approach to things then maybe, just maybe we will get something both brilliant and different.

So yeah I am pretty excited! What do you think?


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