Twas The Dark Knight Before Christmas

Around this time of year I have many rituals that I just need to perform/sit through as part of my love for Christmas. Some are enforced ones I do not really care for, many are ones I do out of habit, others because they mean something to me. One of the rituals that means something is watching the above video at some point in the run up to Christmas Day each year.

ItsJustSomeRandomGuy is a favourite YouTube-er of mine whose comical comic book videos have kept me entertained for the past few years he has been doing them. This however is the best thing he has ever done because not only is it a brilliant piece of Christmas entertainment but at the same time it is a near perfect Christmas Batman story of which there have been many over the years.

So grab a glass of mulled wine, warm yourself by the fire and take a break for five minutes to watch Twas The Dark Knight Before Christmas.


Holiday Posting

Just a quick post to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

There is going to be a distinct lack of posts thus week and next as the holidays and spending time with my friends and family takes over my life. (boooo!)

There may be one or two small posts but don’t expect any stuff like picks of the week. I am just to busy at the moment to sit down and do posts like that. Normal posting will resume in January 🙂

Covers of the Week

Green Lantern: New Guardians #15

Green Lantern: New Guardians #15

(Aaron Kuder & Hi-Fi)

I am not usually a fan of artists who ape the style of others but in the case of Aaron Kuder’s Frank Quitely-esqué style I can let it slide because it looks so good! Lots of detail while still giving it an over the top, cartoony edge that I like in my comics art. Kuder’s design for Kyle is great too as it simplifies things like the usually very bulky mask (now smooth and less bulky) and also presenting him with a slim figure. Also I love Orange Lantern constructs and this cover has them in spades!

Scarlet Spider #12.1

Scarlet Spider #12.1

(Stegman & Delgado)

Yet another dramatic Scarlet Spider cover that shows of the darker nature of the character. Kaine cuts a menacing figure when necessary and while he is in a classic Spidey pose the feeling is different than the one you would get if it was Peter in his costume amongst all the webs. While a little less webbing would make the Scarlet Spider stand out a bit more it is still a nice looking cover.

Panels of the Week

I decided to try something different for Panels of the Week this….erm….week. Just click on an image to embiggen!

Also if you are reading this CONGRATULATIONS! You have survived the apocalypse!

DC Comics Classics Reviews

Wonder Woman #1

Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals (Greg Potter, Len Wein & George Pérez)

For my next trip through the history of DC Comics I decided to take a look at my favourite Amazon and in particular the point where the modern version of her character began. Well the Pre-New 52 version anyway (although the New 52 Wonder Woman is AMAZING!). So here is your background info on the hows and whys of this story before we get going:

  • This is a post Crisis on Infinite Earths story where the majority of DC’s characters and comics rebooted/relaunched to both modernise and re-imagine them for the comic reading public of the time and the new generation of readers coming into comics. (Hey! That sounds awfully familiar! *cough* *cough* Flashpoint *cough* *cough* The New 52 *cough*)
  • This is a ground zero reboot of the character so no prior knowledge of Wonder Woman or her world is need. Also very much like the recent relaunch, the Greek Gods Wonder Woman interacts with have been drastically changed. Here they get more personality and central billing as the driving force behind the story. Bringing things more inline with the modern myth idea of Wonder Woman.
  • My recent reading of the original origin of Wonder Woman paid off big time here as I could clearly see what was taken forward, what had been enhanced/added to and what had been removed. So if you are wanting to read this I recommend reading All-Star Comics #8 and Sensation Comics #1 beforehand because they will improve the reading experience immensely.

The other interesting thing I took away from Gods and Mortals was that this is the origin story that pretty much every interpretation of the character uses as a starting point. From the DC Animated shows like Justice League, to the animated movie from a few years ago, to most likely any movie/tv version that will come about in the next couple of years. All point to this particular story and for a good reason: This is an incredibly solid origin and story despite a few pitfalls it stumbles into.

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Picks of the Week

Batman #15 & Scarlet Spider #12

Another week and another selection of comic that you really should be reading! While not as action packed as recent weeks there are still a few real gems and interesting new books out there.

DC is pretty much crossover central at the moment as all the Batman books deal with The Joker’s gripping return, the Superman titles with H’el and the Green Lantern books with the Rise of the Third Army. It works to help created more cohesion between the various parts of the New 52 version of the DC Universe but it means a lot of smaller books are starting to slip through the cracks. Marvel NOW! continues to gather steam this week as a couple more titles and relaunches get started. The initial quick releasing of several Marvel NOW! titles is also starting to pay off as books like Iron Man are really starting to get stuck into their new directions.

So without further a do let us review some comics!

WARNING though, there will be SPOILERS!

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Covers of the Week

Batman #15

Batman #15

(Greg Cupullo & Fco Plascencia)

This beautifully simple cover perfectly sums up the current state of play in Batman at the moment. The Joker keeps showing that he has gotten inside Bats head and under his skin like never before as his plan starts to come together. This is a classic Batman story in the making and the covers for it have been amazing throughout. The cover also shows that sometimes simple is better as Cupullo and Fco come together to make this thought provoking cover.

Scarlet Spider #12

Scarlet Spider #12

(Stegman & Gracia)

Marvel said that in the Marvel NOW! era they would be pushing cover artists to do more cinematic covers and in general mess around with the established cover format. So while that bright red Marvel NOW! banner is somewhat ruining the covers for all the relaunched books the one year old (and going strong!) Scarlet Spider comes out swinging with this brilliant filmic poster! While it gives things an air a seriousness that does not reflect the actual story being told in the book itself it is still a great cover to look at. We get Kaine in and out of costume and his slowly growing cast of support characters. It helps sell the concept of this being Spider-Man but not as you know it well. Go check it out!

Panels of the Week

It’s Christmaaaaaassssssss!!!

Move over Grinch there's a new grump in town

Oh! I guess Kaine doesn’t like Christmas!

– Scarlet Spider #12

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New The Wolverine International Poster

The Wolverine International Poster

Yet another awesome looking poster for The Wolverine has been unleashed upon the world! I am still on the fence about the film because of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (never forget or forgive its special brand of awful!) but damn this poster and the previous one are really selling me on the idea that Fox are taking it seriously this time around.

Oh yeah and if you have time go check out my Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection Review for Wolverine by Chris Claremont & Frank Miller that the new film is drawing heavily from.

And now for something completely different

The above video is a pitch presentation for a Superman game idea that I put together for my Honours Project as part of my last year of University. I thought I would share it on here to see what you all think and because even though it is something I have worked on I still find the idea of a Superman video game very appealing.

Here is a little background info for you too:

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