Covers of the Week

Batman Incorporated #5

(Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn)

I do not know what it is about Chris Burnham’s style that I find so appealing. Maybe that half the time it looks like a saturday morning cartoon shown through a twisted prism. He also seems to be a master of displaying motion with the mob on the cover charging at Damian Wayne really feeling like a marauding horde. The image is also coated in detail (along with Damian himself! HAHAHA!) and really sets the tone for this future Batman #666 set issue.

Thor: God of Thunder #2

(Esad Ribic)

Two weeks on and we get another spectacular Thor: God of Thunder cover from Esad Ribic! It is a picture that truly tells a thousand words and it fits together to the left of the cover for issue one. Slowly building to a larger image that I am sure Marvel will package as a widescreen poster at some point that will be a must buy for many a comic book reader. We see the arrogant Young Thor looking for a fight, ready to kick your arse and sleep with your women! This is Thor in pillaging Viking mode and it works really well.


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