Covers of the Week

Wonder Woman #14

(Cliff Chiang)

Another month and another brilliant Wonder Woman cover by Cliff Chiang. As ever it fits the darker and more serious subject matter of the book while providing us with an image of a strong and adventurous Wonder Woman. In short: I love this book and this cover!

Captain America #1

(John Romita Jr.)

The all new and all different Captain America kicked off this week. Instead of treading in Brubaker’s shadow Rick Remender has decided to give us his take on the Captain America of his childhood. Big, loud, crazy and full of action! The best part of it all though, for me, is that John Romita Jr. is on art duties for this book! I love Romita’s art and his in my list of top comic book artists so pretty much any book with his name on it is an instant purchase. This cover sets the tone of the book well giving us a darker take of Romita’s usually fun and full of colour art (although in the issue itself that sense of fun comes into play a lot). It is one of those covers that teases you enough to want to see what is going on in the issue itself.



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