DC Comics Classics Reviews

Poor DC Comics! With my steady stream of Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection Reviews I feel like I have neglected you somewhat. I am having a lot of fun delving into Marvel’s history with the GN Collection line and they also happen to be among the most popular posts for this fledgling comic book blog. I wish that DC would initiate something similar to the Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection but let’s face it though, the chances of that happening at this point are very slim! So I have decided to do it myself.

This does not mean I will be making my own uniformed printing of classic and modern-classic DC stories with matching formatting and covers! (Although a man can dream….) What it does mean however is that I will be re-reading and buying a multitude of DC classic stories and trades to make up my own personal Classics Collection. The thing is though I am going to need some help with this one. My DC Comics reading started with the Superman/Batman and Hush trades then slowly developed from there to me becoming a monthly comics reader with 52. I have read some of the older stuff and must read stories but there are huge gaps in my DC knowledge and collection. So what I am asking from you is suggestions. They can be anything from the length and breadth of DC’s long history. If you have a favourite trade or story arc no matter what tell me and I will see if it fits with my tastes after a little bit of research. Plus I want to get chatting to you guys about comics more in the comments section for this blog. So please talk to me! I crave having a dialogue about comics!

There are a few caveats to this whole suggestions thing however to make life easy for me:

  • The comic trade/story should be fairly easy to obtain either in print or digital through the DC Comics App. I sadly do not have the luxury of a local comic book store to delve into the depths of their back issues or rummage through bargin bins. The closest thing to a comic book store in Bishop’s Stortford is the local Waterstone’s and even then their selection of trades is lacking.
  • Epics are fine provided I can easily break them up into chunks if needed. I’m saying a maximum story length of 3-4 trades worth of reading (make of that what you will).
  • The cheaper I can get them the better. If I get a lot of suggestions I won’t be going out tomorrow and buying everything but at the same time I do not want to be spending a fortune just on one book. I will be keeping an eye on all future DC Digital sales to grab classic stories on the cheap too.
  • To help me further with any suggestions can you please give me as much information as possible. i.e. the full trade title and volume number if applicable and the original issue to and from numbers for the comic (this will help me a lot with buying them digitally). Also a brief spoiler free synopsis to sell me on the story would be awesome too 🙂
  • Finally I want suggestions from everywhere. I have mainly got the modern stuff covered but if you really want me to write about something in particular let me know! Otherwise if you have a favourite story from the 70s that you think I should check out give me the details and I will look into it.

Until the suggestions roll in I have a few planned posts from my Digital Catalogue and Personal Library (because calling it a Personal Library sounds so much classier than longbox or bookshelf!). But please, please, please give a few suggestions to start mixing stuff up ASAP!


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