Covers of the Week

Before Watchmen: Moloch #1

(Jim Lee varient cover)

Say what you will about Before Watchmen and Jim Lee but I am a sucker for Jim’s pencils and the potential of Before Watchmen (expect a full write up on the whole Before Watchmen thing once it has finished). One of the reasons I like this cover is because the line work seems a lot more “scratchy” than usual for Jim Lee. It gives it a certain roughness that I like. So while the imagery is a tad too sexualised it kind of hits at what this particular book is about. Moloch being a semi-tragic figure who does magic and many other things to excess. It also has those incredibly random tiny white rabbits to add flavour to the image! YAY for tiny rabbits!

The Defenders #12

(Terry & Rachel Dodson)

Yet another Terry and Rachel Dodson cover appears in this weekly post! I do not know what it is about them that I like so much but whenever I see one of their covers I just fall in love with it instantly. This is a brilliant last cover for a brilliant series that you should really check out if you have not already. My only gripe with it is that Namor is missing the top half of his body and his legs are just hanging out at the top of the image. Otherwise it is a great group shot of this unlikely yet loveable team of misfits. I am sad that this book has come to an end but it has been a fun read the past twelve months.


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