Covers of the Week

Aquaman #13

(Ivan Reis, Rod Reis & Joe Prado)

I love this cover! It is like a poster for a Star Wars film. It perfectly encapsulates all of the awesome that is going on with Aquaman and this book right now. It shows of Ivan Reis’ epic art style and shows you all of the main players in this incredibly entertaining story arc with Black Manta looming over them all and being his badass self. It does what many think is impossible, make Aquaman seem like an exciting book worth picking up and reading.

Captain Marvel #6

(Terry and Rachel Dodson)

I also cannot seem to get enough of these Captain Marvel covers either. They always seem to be full of energy and though not being directly tied to the issue’s events it still sort of fits with it in a weird sort of way. It also gets props for showing Carol Danvers as an actual woman. She has a bit of meat on her bones to explain her form and muscles. It is a far cry away from some of the more what I term “exaggerated” presentations of the character, particularly from the Ms. Marvel days. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for women with curves…


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