Covers of the Week

Once again I find myself dismayed by the overall quality of the covers for the comics I bought this week. I usually end up with a good spread of interesting things to look at but the past few weeks have been full of bog standard offerings that fail to excite and entice.Thankfully though I managed to find a couple of diamonds in the rough.

Superman #13

(Kenneth Rocafort & Sunny Gho)

There are a few reasons I adore this cover the main one being that I find myself falling in love with Rocafort’s art more and more with each comic he works on. The other key reason is that this is an image of Superman mid action. Mid kicking ass and taking names. His body is strained yet his face is a picture of calm and determination. The image has a nice flow to it and gives you a good idea as to what Scott Lobdell’s take on the Man of Steel will be like; one of action and power (and if this issue is anything to go by it looks like we are in for a lot of action and displays of power).

Captain America #19

(By Steve Epting)

This is a bitter sweet cover that brilliantly captures the entirety of Brubaker’s lengthly run on Captain America. You have Cap in a classic patriotic action pose because only Cap can get away with running around with the American flag like it is a fashionable accessory. Then in the background you have all of the key characters and villains that have made Brubaker’s time on Captain America such thrilling and compulsive reading. While I can see many finding this quite a plain cover it meant a lot to me because Ed Brubaker’s Cap has been near perfect for his entire run. This cover brought back memories of all the gripping stories and twists. I also think it made me appreciate the interior offerings of the issue a lot more too.




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