Iron Man 3 Trailer

QUICK GO WATCH IT NOW (then come back here!).

UPDATE: Here’s the Marvel UK YouTube upload of the trailer for those not wanting to download/watch it from Apple Trailers:

How good was that slice of awesome?

There is so much stuff going on in this trailer! You have the Mandarin basically declaring all out war on Tony Stark and in the process basically destroying and deconstructing Iron Man as we know him. So it looks like a big aspect of the film will be the deconstruction and rebuilding of Iron Man and what it means to Tony Stark. Which is something I always enjoy when it happens in the comics. There is lots of death and destruction being thrown around in this trailer. The destruction of Stark’s LA mansion which serves as a dramatic moment in the film and to give him an excuse to permanently move the New York ready for Avengers 2. Pepper Potts being in BIG danger and maybe having to have an arc reactor implanted in her chest (why else would Tony be undergoing surgery, if not to share his life support machine with Pepper?). A brief glimpse of Rhodey as the newly upgraded Iron Patriot. The suit moving on its own! (or maybe someone taking control of it?) Tony being beaten in the snow and having to drag the remains of the suit behind him.



Then any doubts I had about the new suit have been put to one side because it looks good when its moving, thank god for that! There is also reference to the fallout from The Avengers in the trailer too which is good to see. The events of that film have changed Tony for better or worse and we will get to see it all come May next year.

Finally you have Sir Ben Kingsley being at his moustache twirling evil best!

I cannot wait for this film!


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